restaurant iijima

A western restaurant where you can enjoy Hitachi beef from Miwa, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture


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Restraunt IIJIMA
Restraunt IIJIMA

The Highest Quality Wagyu-Beef Nearest from Tokyo.

Restaurant Iijima was established in 1979 produced by the long-established meat shop “Niku-no Iijima” in Mito city, Ibaraki . We have been supported by many customers, all the ages, all the nations. We provide the one of a few highest quality Wagyu-Beef in japan called the “Hitachi Beef”.

Manager Minegishi

Introduction of GRAND MENU

The Hitachi beef is taken only from the Japanese black cattle raised for 30months with a carefully fodder and up-to-dated technology, have a quality graded 4or5 of AorB class according to the scales of the Japanese Meat Grading Association. Grateful texture with fat makes the pieces of meat brightly marble color. The pieces of each other parts have a sweet and serious “umami” flavor. Above that must be caused from what the nature and the environment of the agricultural background in Ibaraki, and what the carefully breed with approved breeders over several generations. You can find greatest tastes of meats own, and you must be spellbound with Hitachi Beef. So it’s a short trip, taken a little less than 2hours from Tokyo. We hope you would adopt this trip into your journey and experience the highest quality Wagyu “Hitachi Beef”. You would be so nice to enjoy your tasty time at this restaurant.